Best quality for you and your customers

Baking, spice and sprouting seeds are foodstuffs and therefore naturally also trustworthy goods. In the first step of the agaFOOD SAFETY PROGRAM, the seeds are therefore carefully checked for possible anomalies and analyzed to ensure the highest quality for you. In our own highly qualified laboratory as well as in accredited external laboratories, the agaSAAT seeds are checked for purity, sensory characteristics and pesticide residues as well as subjected to microbiological tests.

Depending on the type of product, additional examination criteria are also checked in our laboratory analysis, e.g:

  • The control of swelling number, cadmium value, morphine content, and much more.
  • The residue monitoring for pesticides and heavy metals
  • The GMO check
  • The testing of germination capacity and sprouting power

After the baking, spice and sprouting seeds have been strictly checked internally and externally, they are then cleaned in our modified modern fine cleaning equipment. Depending on individual customer requirements, the products can then undergo additional refinement steps. The agaFOOD SAFETY plants include:

  • The high-performance fine cleaning plants
  • State-of-the-art color sorting incl. NIR® technology for the removal of foreign bodies and for unmixed seeds
  • Various mixing systems with which individual mixtures can be put together; the seeds can also be refined with additives and coatings during the mixing process.
  • The germ reduction plant veraLUX®
  • The pressure disinfestation plant, which quickly and safely removes adult insect pests, eggs and larvae from goods with the aid of natural CARBO carbonic acid

In order to pack and store your goods in the best possible way after the numerous processing steps, all agaSAAT employees live up to the highest food and IFS standards. This has been confirmed for 12 years by the extensive certifications >IFS Food< and >IFS Broker< on the so-called "Higher Level". For more than 26 years agaSAAT has been awarded the organic seal according to the EC Organic Regulation. Thus it is certain that the agaSAAT refinement processes stand for a holistic quality assurance concept, which distinguishes the agaFOOD SAFETY PROGRAM to a special degree.

Our product cycle


agaSAAT® offers you an extensive range of first-class quality baking, spice and sprouting seeds from all over the world. Our wide range of conventional and organic quality products is supplied to bakers, confectioners and specialist wholesalers throughout Germany and Europe, as well as to private households and industry.

Drawing on decades of experience in the international seed and spice trade, the family business achieves the highest quality at its headquarters in Neukirchen-Vluyn (North Rhine-Westphalia). agaSAAT® experts travel all over the world to obtain only first-class seeds directly from the countries where they are grown. From sowing to harvest, they regularly check the quality and cultivation of the plants on site. After all, quality assurance begins with cultivation, not just in the laboratory.