Premium enjoyment in best quality: That is your goal and therefore ours too! agaSAAT® baking seeds offer you conscious enjoyment without forgoing variety. Our quality raw materials come from controlled cultivation to ensure a carefree flavour experience.


agaBLUE® blue poppy seed in best quality by agaSAAT® is characterised by its particularly mild taste and low morphine content of max. 4 mg/kg. agaBLUE® is cultivated in Flanders and Eastern Germany under the specification of selected and tested seeds. From cultivation to delivery, every production step is documented and can therefore be traced transparently. Our Farmer Passport provides precise information on the proven origin of the agaBLUE® blue poppy seed. The extensive and particularly gentle cleaning process ensures a uniform, homogeneous quality of the blue poppy seed.


agaSAAT® pumpkin seeds in best quality are offered in the Shine Skin (peeled), GWS (grown without shell) and Styria varieties. Unique to agaSAAT® pumpkin seeds is their incomparable appearance and quality: Uniform, homogeneous seeds with a great species-specific taste.

To ensure consistent PREMIUM quality, agaSAAT® pumpkin seeds also pass through our agaSAAT® quality management. Refinement of the delicate agaSAAT® pumpkin seeds takes place in modern fine cleaning and sorting plants, where the seeds can be consistently subjected to germ reduction.


Our SuZanne® brown linseed and agaGOLDSTERN® golden yellow linseed are grown on our own cultivation areas in Flanders, France and Eastern Germany. It is important for you that agaSAAT® can provide a GMO examination certificate for each batch and that each individual batch of linseed can be traced back to the respective farmer by means of the control number indicated on the Farmer Passport.

We clean and sort the linseed in a particularly gentle procedure to ensure a uniform, homogeneous quality. Of course, the linseed is also tested for purity, sensory characteristics, residues and microbiology in our own and accredited external laboratories. In addition, SuZanne® and agaGOLDSTERN® linseed is tested for its swelling capacity, as well as for possible traces of GMOs and its cadmium value.


Both the agaSAAT® sesame seeds and “nature” sesame seeds are characterised by their slightly nutty and mildly aromatic taste, the foundation of which is laid in the careful cultivation of the sesame plants. Owing to the light soils and dry climate in Nigeria, the use of pesticides is not necessary. In this way we obtain a natural raw material of the highest quality that is particularly suitable for our agaSAAT® range. 

Of course, agaSAAT® sesame, like all sunBACK® products, is tested for its sensory properties, purity and residues in our own in-house and accredited external laboratories. In addition, it is checked for Salmonella and E. coli bacteria at each goods receipt. Our Farmer Passport enables transparent tracing of sesame seeds from cultivation to delivery.


A number of years ago, a new variety of sunflower seed was introduced in Europe, which now enriches the agaSAAT® range. Our agaSAAT® sunflower seeds are characterised by an even grain with a very low percentage of breakage and perfect microbiology.

From sowing to harvesting, the agaSAAT® team regularly checks the quality and cultivation of the plants we use, which can also be traced later on using our Farmer Passport. Once the agaSAAT® sunflower seeds have arrived at our headquarters, they are subjected to our rigorous agaSAAT® quality management process. This is how agaSAAT® ensures a uniform, homogeneous quality.