agaBIO_MINIS_ are our small, but fine collection of selected grains in practical size packages.

Each grain and seed of our agaBIO_MINIS_ has been processed in a gentle, nutrient-preserving and natural way without chemical additives. BIO is just self-explanatory - we do not put anything else in the bag. Discover our agaBIO_MINIS_: 13x enjoyment, 13x healthy to the core, 13x pure nature!

agaBIO_MINIS_ are available in selected food retail stores and, of course directly from us.


ORGANIC? Of course! In order to ensure that quality and taste are consistently in tune, we pay close attention to the highest product quality when selecting organic raw materials. As a direct importer with excellent contacts in the producing countries, we control the high quality and naturalness of the raw materials directly during cultivation. our BIO range is complemented by seeds we cultivate ourselves. Only in this way can you ensure that you receive genetically unmodified products from organic cultivation.

Whether laboratory testing, cleaning, packaging or storage - all steps take place at agaSAAT® headquarters. We demonstrate our environmental responsibility through our eco-friendly production and refinement of agaBIO-MINIS: Each grain and seed is gently refined, preserving nutrients and, like all agaSAAT® products, contains no chemical additives. You can rest assured knowing that there is nothing else in your bag!

Mit dem BIO SALAT MIX lässt sich jeder Salat wunderbar verfeinern.


13 organic products, 1 standard: With agaBIO_MINIS_ you can be confident that you will only get the very best quality. Strict in-house and external quality controls from field to packaging, guarantee premium organic seeds. In this way, we pass on a high degree of product safety and, of course, tasty organic products, to our customers. Healthy enjoyment - guaranteed.

agaBIO_MINIS_ packaging is, like the contents, reduced to the essentials. Clear and bold colours, unobstructed view of the seeds and re-sealable packages:

The attractive, clear and concise design underlines our high quality standards, because:

They are a feast for the eyes!

With our organic BIO SALAT MIX, every salad can be deliciously refined.


agaSAAT® GmbH has been certified organic for more than 20 years. That is why our agaBIO-MINIS carry the official organic seal. This makes them the perfect shopping guide for healthy and organic food. This gives you valuable support for modern, light cuisine. Whether for baking, cooking, as an ingredient in salads or muesli, or for garnishing: With agaBIO_MINIS_, there are no limits to your creativity!

agaBIO_MINIS_ are offered at consumer-friendly prices and therefore not only protect the environment, but also your wallet!

agaSAAT® concentrates on the most important things:

Excellent quality at excellent prices.