Selected premium quality.

Whether pumpkin seeds from China, sesame seeds from Africa or blue poppy seeds from our own European cultivation. All products bearing the sunBACK® name stand for highest food quality. Do you trust your food? Trust is good, but control is better! For this reason, all products bearing the sunBACK® label are cleaned, colour-sorted, selected, germ-reduced if necessary and pressure-tested in elaborate processes, as well as subjected to strict controls in internal and accredited external laboratories. The name sunBACK® is only given to products that meet the strictest quality standards. After all, food safety is the number one priority in the manufacturing of sunBACK® products.


sunBACK® cultivation is carried out according to the specifications of selected and tested seeds. The seeds are subject to constant monitoring from cultivation through to processing and delivery. A secure traceability system documents every step in the elaborate production chain. The special Farmer Passport provides precise information about the assured origin of the goods. The control number on the passport of each individual sunBACK® bag ensures complete traceability of the products back to the grower. This labelling and the resulting possibility of traceability of sunBACK® products goes beyond the legal obligation and serves to protect the consumer.


Naturally, all sunBACK® products are checked for purity, sensory properties and residues in our own laboratories, as well as in accredited external laboratories ,and are subjected to microbiological tests. In order to fulfil the highest purity standards, sunBACK® products are refined in suitable modern cleaning facilities. An additional colour sorter with NIR technology® and a range of state-of-the-art metal detectors ensure that products are absolutely pure. But this is just the beginning: After several levels of comprehensive quality assurance, an additional refinement process developed and patented by and for agaSAAT® can be carried out in the veraLUX® germ reduction plant. Here, germ contamination of sensitive goods is reduced to a minimum and guarantees customers in sensitive industries, such as hospitals, a significant improvement in seed quality.


sunBACK® products stand out due to their high PREMIUM quality. The seeds are only cultivated from carefully selected locations and are imported from established and certified contract partners that we have supervised on site for years. Our own cultivation facilities in Flanders, France and Eastern Germany are also part of our high-quality sunBACK® range. This means that our brown SuZanne® linseed, our light-coloured agaGOLDSTERN® linseed and our agaBLUE® blue poppy all come from controlled in-house cultivation. Potential difficulties of GMO-contaminated goods are thus excluded from the outset. Thanks to extensive quality assurance, sunBACK® products are characterised by their consistently high PREMIUM quality with a very low breakage rate and perfect microbiology.