Whole-food and healthy baking is easy with our individual baking seed mixtures of the finest agaSAAT® quality. Our cultivated premium bakery seeds are purchased exclusively from audited and certified partners, as well as our own contracted cultivation.

Our baking seed mixtures are conveniently portioned in 2.5 and 5 kilogram packs, making them practical and suitable for bakeries. Individually produced baking seed mixtures are produced from a minimum order quantity of one tonne. In addition to individual customer requirements, we also offer stock mixes in our range.


The mixture of brown and golden organic linseed is equally suitable for baking and for sprinkling on bread and rolls. The slightly nutty tasting oil seeds are extremely healthy due to their polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids and have a positive effect on digestion.


Kürbiskerne, Buchweizen, Leinsaat und Sojaschrot – das sind die Bestandteile des KürbiskernMIX von agaSAAT®. Die verschiedenen Saaten sorgen für ein besonders intensives Aroma. Sie sind zum Bestreuen der Gebäckoberfläche von Broten oder Brötchen ebenso wie zum Brot- oder Kuchenbacken geeignet.

5 KornMIX_

This mixture consists of five different quality baking seeds: Brown and gold linseed, sesame and sunflower seeds and buckwheat, make up the 5 KornMIX. The mixture is therefore ideal for use in doughs as well as for decorating breads and baked goods.


This exclusive mixture of organic coriander, organic caraway, organic fennel and organic aniseed is ideal for making bread. BrotgewürzMIX gives baked goods their own, exceptional taste.


This vitalising sunBACK® blend is made up of chia seeds, our light-coloured agaGOLDSTERN® linseed, hulled sesame seeds and our brown SuZanne® linseed. Both the light-coloured agaGOLDSTERN® linseed and the brown SuZanne® linseed come from our own European cultivation areas in Flanders, France and Eastern Germany. ChiaQUELL is a special baking seed mixture made exclusively for bread and pastry doughs. Due to its special composition, it contains a particularly high amount of omega-3 fatty acids: An attractive option for your health-conscious customers.