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Preparation: For the stollen dough, proof the yeast in warm milk, add a little flour and leave to rise for a few minutes. When the mixture has clearly risen, knead all the ingredients by hand into a dough. Let the dough rest for 10 minutes and knead again by hand.

Roll out the stollen dough to 22 x 30 cm with a rolling pin and spread the poppy seed mixture evenly on top of the rolled out dough. Tightly roll up the long side of the stollen to the middle of the dough. Place the poppy seed stollen in the greased loaf tin. Before baking, prick the dough on top with a knife to allow air to escape more easily and avoid hollow baking. Bake the raw poppy seed stollen in a preheated oven on a baking sheet (middle shelf) for about 45 minutes at 150 °C. After baking, carefully turn the poppy seed stollen out of the pan, brush with melted butter and sprinkle with sugar.

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Preparation time:
approx. 30 minutes

Ingredients for the poppy seed mixture base recipe:
200 g agaDAMPFMOHN® poppy seed
80 g sugar
50 g grated rusk
50 g melted butter
150 g water
30 g sultanas
½ Fl. vanilla flavour
5 g cinnamon
½ Fl. bitter almond flavour
1 egg
40 g Dr. Oetker baking stable vanilla pudding

For the poppy seed mixture, simply mix all the ingredients together.

Ingredients for the stollen dough:
275 g flou
90 g softened butter
50 g sugar
30 g yeast
120 g warm milk
5 g lemon-vanilla salt
20 g chopped almonds

agaSAAT GmbH


  • Blue poppy from our own monitored cultivation
  • Ground with crystals and gently treated with steam
  • Full aroma, no bitter elements
  • Exceptional taste
  • Completely free from chemical additives
  • 100 per cent all-natural
  • Efficient handling
  • Shelf life of six months
  • Guaranteed reduced morphine content of max. 4 mg/kg
  • Available in both conventional and organic quality
  • DLG-Awarded (gold & silver)
  • Awarded the State Prize of Honor 2017
  • Best poppy seed filling (brot+backwaren)

Recommended by renowned bakery trade schools