For 2 60 x 40 cm sheets


Preparation: Sprinkle ungreased metal sheets with breadcrumbs or coconut flakes. Place the first two roulades on top and spread with a jam of your preference.

Place the two remaining roulades on top and spread the base with the thinly watered agaDAMPFMOHN® poppy seed using a spatula. Pre-bake the poppy seed sheets at 210 degrees C for 25 – 28 minutes. In the meantime, make the macaroon mixture.

Coconut macaroon mixture: To make the coconut macaroon mixture, heat the water and sugar to 60 degrees C. Make sure that the sugar is completely dissolved. Thoroughly mix the Germania-S®, Germania Makrofix® and the coconut chips and stir in the mixing machine with the sugar mixture for about two minutes. Thoroughly mix the coconut chips and the cream powder in a separate bowl.

As soon as the poppy seed cake comes out of the oven, the whipped egg whites can be beaten firmly with water, sugar and Germania-S. Now fold the coconut macaroon mixture and the coconut chips by hand with the cream powder into the beaten egg white. Divide the mixture on two sheets and smooth out with the spatula.

Bake the sheets with another baking sheet underneath at 210 °C for about 20 -  25 minutes until golden brown.

4 60 x 40 cm sponge rolls
jam for spreading
6,000 g agaDAMPFMOHN® poppy seed mixture base recipe
1,000 g water
pre-baking at 210 degrees
25 - 28 minutes

Macaroon mixture with Germania Makrofix® and Germania-S®
575 g water
825 g sugar
100 g Germania-S®
30 g Germania Makrofix®
500 g fine coconut chips
heat water up to 60 degrees C
300 g fine coconut chips
80 g cream powder
extra bowl
mix well

Whipped egg whites for the coconut coating:
750 g water
150 g Germania-S®
500 g sugar
beat well

agaSAAT GmbH


  • Blue poppy from our own monitored cultivation
  • Ground with crystals and gently treated with steam
  • Full aroma, no bitter elements
  • Exceptional taste
  • Completely free from chemical additives
  • 100 per cent all-natural
  • Efficient handling
  • Shelf life of six months
  • Guaranteed reduced morphine content of max. 4 mg/kg
  • Available in both conventional and organic quality
  • DLG-Awarded (gold & silver)
  • Awarded the State Prize of Honor 2017
  • Best poppy seed filling (brot+backwaren)

Recommended by renowned bakery trade schools