The patented veraLUX® germ reduction system offers you even more security. Microbiological germ content is reduced gently but effectively. The patented system uses UV-C light to reduce germs.

After thorough mechanical cleaning, the seeds are transported to the veraLUX® germ reduction plant at the customer’s request. A large rotating drum ensures a thorough mixing of the seeds. This ensures that all grains are uniformly captured by UV-C light and germs are reduced.

At the veraLUX® germ reduction plant, all products can be germ reduced by up to 99.9%.


  • Preserving the typical characteristics and ingredients of each product
  • Preservation of the original product taste
  • The germination potential is not impaired

Our product cycle


agaSAAT® offers you an extensive range of first-class quality baking, spice and sprouting seeds from all over the world. Our wide range of conventional and organic quality products is supplied to bakers, confectioners and specialist wholesalers throughout Germany and Europe, as well as to private households and industry.

Drawing on decades of experience in the international seed and spice trade, the family business achieves the highest quality at its headquarters in Neukirchen-Vluyn (North Rhine-Westphalia). agaSAAT® experts travel all over the world to obtain only first-class seeds directly from the countries where they are grown. From sowing to harvest, they regularly check the quality and cultivation of the plants on site. After all, quality assurance begins with cultivation, not just in the laboratory.