For a 28 cm cake ring


Put the shortcrust pastry base in the cake ring and spread with jam. Cut the Viennese sponge twice. Put one half on the jam-spread shortcrust pastry base. Boil up the cream, couverture and nougat briefly. Pour on a baking tray and leave to cool down. Whip the butter and the rum and add to the cooled chocolate mixture.

Put aside around 300 g of the chocolate butter mixture (ganache) to spread on the gateau later. Add the roasted agaCUCU®-CHIPS to the remaining mixture. Spread the mixture on the first base in the ring to approx. 1.5 cm thick, add the second base and soak with a little rum. Spread the mixture on the base again and add the cover. Again, soak with a little rum and smooth the surface with the rest of the mixture.

Leave the gateau to cool down and cut it out of the ring. Spread the ganache put aside on the cake to smooth the surface and garnish with pumpkin seed chips.

1 shortcrust pastry
1 dark Viennese sponge base
300g cream
225g dark couverture
70g nougat
250g butter
100g rum
250g agaCUCU®-CHIPS (roasted)
Jam for spreading

Thomas Dicker, Master Confectioner