For 1 tray 60/40 (makes about 40 triangles)


Roll out the shortcrust pastry on a greased baking tray to approx. 4 mm thick. Make small holes in the dough and slightly pre-bake (10 mins at 200 °C). Spread with jam after cooling.

Put the agaCUCU®-CHIPS, liquid egg white, sugar, cake crumbs and glucose syrup in a pan and heat to approx. 75 °C. You can add rum to taste.

Spread the agaCUCU®-CHIPS mixture on the shortcrust pastry base and flatten it using a cake knife.

Baking time
approx. 35 minutes

Oven temperature
approx. 200 °C

1 Mürbeteig
Shortcrust pastry
1,000g agaCUCU®-CHIPS
1,100g liquid egg white
1,000g sugar
500g sweet cake crumbs
100g glucose syrup
Some rum (optional)
Jam for spreading

Leave to cool down after baking and cut into 10x11cm squares. Cut these diagonally into triangles. Then dip all three edges of the pumpkin seed triangles in dark chocolate couverture and leave to rest.

Thomas Dicker, Master Confectioner