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Exploring the world of seeds online!
agaSAAT seeds are delicious, varied and healthy. With many years of experience behind us, we have leading expertise in selected premium seeds.

We are proud to present our small package line for organic seeds online: always fresh, always delicious and always different. Click your way through our product range and whet your appetite for a healthy and delicious experience.

Good things come in small packages! And so do agaSAAT BIO-MINIS! We offer seven different seed varieties and mixtures of proven organic agaSAAT quality. Strict internal and external quality controls from field to packaging ensure premium quality.

Gentle processing
Cleaning, packaging, storing, and laboratory testing – this is all done at the agaSAAT headquarters in Neukirchen-Vluyn. Each grain and each seed is processed carefully whilst retaining the nutrients. Just like all of our products, they are processed without using any chemical additives. Nothing but nature!

No need for more than seed
Modern design, easy to read font, clear structure: The small packages are reduced to the essential – just like their content. We used clear, intense colours and see-through foil that provides a clear view of the seeds contained in the resealable bag. As little as possible, as much as necessary. agaSAAT focuses on what truly matters: best quality for best price.

Always good for a change
agaSAAT BIO-MINIS are as diverse as you are. Try and use our seeds for baking, your cereal, your salad or just to nibble on them. Let your imagination run wild!