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CHIA SEEDS originate from Central and South America and become increasingly available at German commodity markets. Even the Mayas were aware of the beneficial properties of Chia seeds and valued them as food and remedy. Chia seeds are very swellable and can take up several times their own weight in water. Besides its use in curds/yoghurt, muesli, smoothies, salads, and shakes, Chia is particular useful for making bread or other baked goods.Consume information.

Consume information

According to Novel Food Regulation (EC) 258/97 and Directive 2013/50/EC the maximum daily ration is 15g (3 tablespoon).

Average nutrition facts per 100g

Caloric value: 1832kJ/444kcal, Total fat: 31,1g, thereof saturated fatty acids: 3,8g, thereof polyunsaturated fatty acids: 24,2g, thereof Omega-3: 18,5g,
Carbohydrates: 4,5g, thereof sugar: 0,8g, Dietary fiber: 31,4g, Protein: 21,2g, Salt: 0,03g

CHIA SEEDS includes Omega-3-fatty acids (18,5g/100g).

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